Our Technologies
Using our patented TurboClaw® technology, we have developed compressors that bring the benefits of turbo machines to low flow-rate applications such as steam compression , refrigerant gas compression and electric supercharging .
We have developed high-speed motors and generators that range from
3.5kW @110,000rpm to 150kW @30,000rpm. These can be tailored to meet client specific requirements and range from simple greased to fully integrated, oil lubricated machines.
We are developing a high speed flywheel for use in the automotive and grid stability industries. Innovation in the design of the rotor has allowed for a safer, cheaper and smaller machine.
What We Do

Latest News

DBS awarded funding for railway modernisation

Date: August 2016
DBS have recently been awarded funding from RSSB to develop our  laminated flywheel technology. This comes as part of a competition to demonstrate methods of reducing  emissions in UK's ageing railways. Link.

MVR Production Started

Date: May 2016
Manufacture of pre-market MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) products has begun. Parties interested in trialling these steam compressors should contact [email protected]