Our Story
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  2. DBS- Kingston upon Thames
  3. Steam Compressor- mk2
In 1999 our founders, working together with Imperial College London, were presented with a challenge by BP. A newly-developed gas-turbine powered electric generator system, fuelled by flare-gas from an oil well operating at a UK world heritage site, became prohibitively expensive to operate because of the ancillary equipment required to pre-compress the gas. Due to the relatively low flow-rate of gas, the only option was a large, oil lubricated, and loud piston-compressor.
Frustrated by the ability of existing compressors to handle low flow-rates, the founders were asked to research and develop compressor technology to bring the benefits of ‘turbomachinery’ (a type of compressor with a low parts count, oil free operation, high efficiency and lower cost) to low flow-rate applications. Turbomachinery is commonplace at high flow-rates but requires high operating speeds for operating at low flow-rates, increasing cost of bearings, motors and drives as well as reducing efficiency, reliability and durability. The research activity culminated in a radically new turbocompressor design that delivered the low flow rate characteristics. The innovation was patented and Dynamic Boosting Systems incorporated in 2005 to commercialise the technology. 
In 2009, the team moved from Imperial College to its current site in Kingston upon Thames and started exploring the applications of TurboClaw® where customers’ needs were greatest. Electric supercharging for engine downsizing, refrigerant gas compression, and energy recovery from waste steam soon emerged as promising opportunities for TurboClaw®, where its low flow-rate capability, simplicity and low production cost give it a significant edge over competing products.

DBS started working with blue-chip industrial partners to bring each of these applications to market through co-development and moving towards licensing of the patented Intellectual Property in 2012.
Our ambition is to contribute to a significant reduction in global CO2 emissions by making a range of large and global industrial processes more environmentally sustainable and cost efficient.
We welcome opportunities to talk to potential customers and end-users.
Dynamic Boosting Systems Limited is an independent limited company registered in England and Wales.