High Speed Motors

high speed motor windings
DBS designs and manufactures high-efficiency, brushless, DC motors and sensorless drives. The power range developed today is between 250 W and 75 kW, with nominal operating speeds ranging between 30,000 and 75,000 rpm. The high efficiency motor has been made possible by optimising the motor design and the careful selection of materials to reduce losses. The motors run on a variety of bearings including sealed-for-life, grease-lubricated ball-bearings of a type that is already in mass manufacture and which guarantee a long service life.

Many applications in the lower power-range require a nominal operating voltage of 24V DC, but higher and lower voltages can be accommodated with different winding configurations.

The performance characteristics of our motors make them flexible and highly suited to many high speed applications.

Design Features

  • High speed and power density with overall motor/drive efficiency > 95%.
  • Low maintenance, long life design - design life in excess of 50,000 hrs.
  • Frame series design with precision h6 mating register. 
  • Motor suitable for applications with large overhung mass due to high inherent dynamic stability.
  • Motor casing rated to IP68 - motors can be run in process gas at pressures up to 50 bar.
  • Low rotor diameter to minimise windage losses in pressurised applications.
  • Oil lubricated or grease packed bearings available as standard - optional working fluid lubrication.
  • Water or air cooled casing to suit customer requirements.
  • Lubricant cooled rotor for increased power density.
  • 2-pole motor as standard with 4-pole option.
  • Motors readily integrated with proprietary Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
  • Instrumentation for real time machinery condition monitoring (optional).
  • Failsafe, rotor imbalance protection (optional).
high speed motor render

Operating Envelope

Typical Torque - Speed characteristic of DBS 1.2 kW DC motor (frame size 80)