sealed Refrigerant gas compresor

Refrigerant Gas Compressor

DBS has developed TurboClaw® based Refrigerant Vapour Compression (RVC) turbocompressors specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. These oil free compressors have an optimal operating capacity range of between 12 and 60 USRT, boast significant benefits to seasonal energy efficiency and are compact and low weight.

Multi-stage vapour injection

The TurboClaw® refrigerant gas compressors provide multi-stage vapour injection. This results in significant improvements in ESEER and IPLV compared with existing scroll technology, and facilitates a larger operating range with increased compressor capacity. In addition, the inherent part load efficiency performance of the TurboClaw® solution allows for one TurboClaw® compressor to substitute multiple scroll compressors, saving energy, cost, space and weight.

Design Features

  • High efficiency even at off-design conditions due to variable speed.
  • Oil free compression.
  • Semi-hermetic compressor with integral motor for zero-leakage.
  • Water-cooled, high-speed, high-efficiency permanent magnet brushless AC motor.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Long life and low maintenance, over 50,000 hours operation.
  • Instrumentation for real time machinery health monitoring (optional).
  • Built-in failsafe shutdown, surge/rotor imbalance protection (optional).

Suitable Refrigerants

  • R410A
  • R32
  • R134a
  • HFO1234 YF/ZE
  • Natural refrigerants
  • R1233zd(E)
  • R236EA
  • R347 mcc
  • R245
  • Novec 649 / 1230

Product Table

Note: Table specs are based upon R410A refrigerant design, other gases available. The EV and CD for rated load are 4.22 °C and 51.67 °C (SSC 5.78 K, SC 8.34 K) respectively. The temperatures for part load conditions are, at 75% load: EV 4.22 °C, CD 40.56 °C (SSH 5.78 K, SC 6.95 K); at 50% load: EV 4.22 °C, CD 26.67 °C (SSH 5.78 K, SC 5.56 K); and at 25% load: EV 4.22 °C, CD 18.33 °C (SSH 5.78 K, SC 2.77K).


We have designed our compressors to be modular so that our motors are suitable for a number of compressor heads. This lowers the cost and speed of design and delivery of our products.
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Operating Envelope

R1233zd(E), R236EA, R347 mcc, R245, Novec 649 / 1230, R410a, R32, R134a, HFO1234 YF, HFO1234 ZE, Natural refrigerants, CO2 Carbon dioxide, NH3 Ammonia, High temperture heat pumps HTHP, Very high temperature heat pumps VHTHP, Chillers, Variable refrigerant flow VRF, 
Operating envelopes for R410A TurboClaw® refrigeration  compressor and conventional scroll compressor.
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