Engineering Services
The highly specialised engineering team at DBS provides both mechanical and electrical services, from feasibility studies through to detailed design and product development.
Our expertise in motors, drives and control systems complements our innovative TurboClaw® technology to offer complete engineered solutions for our customers.

Electric Machines

Electric Machines
DBS’s high speed electrical machine expertise is based on over 30 years of research, development, design and manufacture, which has also resulted in the company’s founders holding over 20 patents for high-speed permanent magnet machines.
DBS has designed and produced custom brushless DC motors, (250W to 75kW), at low cost and with exceptional performance, overcoming the limitations of existing off-the-shelf alternatives.
The company assembles and tests its own motors from externally manufactured components, to ensure high quality products at competitive prices.


DBS designs and manufactures its own electronic circuits for motor control, system control and instrumentation. These enable DBS to precisely match customer requirements with minimal additional integration effort required by the customer.
DBS has experience of designing electronics for automotive requirements, including the selection of appropriate components for these demanding applications.
The control software is also developed in-house and can be readily tailored to customer requirements.
The automotive drive electronics are based on high-efficiency MOSFET/IGBT designs and the selection of devices and microcontrollers are tailored to the end application. The very latest, 8,16 or 32-bit micro-controllers with built-in memory help to provide low-cost solutions, whilst maintaining very high performance levels. DBS also has experience of designing the packaging and enclosures for operating in severe environments. Additionally, extra functionality, such as direct mass-flow control can be accommodated for specific applications and control inputs / outputs can be either analogue or digital (e.g. PWM, CAN, RS232).
BLDC motor controller

High Speed Machines, including Turbomachinery

High Speed Machines
DBS has a proven track record in developing prototypes and products operating at high speed. This stems from expertise in high speed shaft, bearing and coupling design that delivers on fitness for purpose. High speed machine designs developed by DBS employ the latest computer-aided engineering tools for product development. DBS use state-of-the-art software, but significantly also maintains in-house proprietary software validated by experimental results. Purpose built test facilities for developing new products and systems are available at DBS, consisting of specially-developed instrumentation for accurately measuring mass flow, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise levels and power consumption. In addition, DBS has close links with City University London, which provides additional facilities such as Laser Doppler Anemometry instrumentation for detailed flow measurements, validation of computational models and optimisations of compressor geometry.