Steam Compressor | Energy Recovery

DBS has developed a steam compressor for waste heat recovery from low grade steam normally ejected from industrial processes. This  TurboClaw® based Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) turbocompressor allows reliable and low cost re-compression of steam in low flow rates where it was not previously commercially viable to do so.
Steam compressor prototype MVRII


This product re-compresses low grade steam, concentrating the latent heat usually ejected from the system and recycling it back into the process. This reduces the boiler load and delivers the equivalent amount of heat at a fraction of the power, yielding a high co-efficient of performance (CoP). Applications are numerous within industrial steam systems and customers can expect to make major annual savings following rapid return on investment.
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Design Features

  • Semi-hermetic, sealed, weather-proof body suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Compressor casing rated to 40 Bar and 250 °C.
  • High efficiency even at low flow rates.
  • Oil-free compression avoiding contamination of steam.
  • High efficiency, high-speed permanent magnet brushless AC motor developed by DBS.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for part load operation.
  • Compact and light weight – easy installation and maintenance.
  • Instrumentation for real time machinery condition monitoring (optional).
  • Built-in, failsafe shutdown, surge/rotor imbalance protection (optional).
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Steam compressor for waste heat recovery from ejected low-grade steam MVRIII
Steam compressor MVRIII


We have designed our compressors to be modular so that our motors are suitable for a number of compressor heads. This lowers the cost and speed of design and delivery of our products.
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Opportunities for Field Trials of Latest Product Prototypes

Following the successful trials of our proof of product in 2015, we have now designed a fully integrated, self-monitoring product (see above) that is available for industry fields trials. We are looking for interested parties to these trials to secure long term supplier contracts. Please send enquiries to  [email protected]

Operating Envelope

The graph below shows the operating envelopes for existing compressor designs and some example compressor combinations. If you require greater pressure ratios or flow rates, please get in touch with us to see what is possible as we design bespoke compressors.
Compressor Map
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Steam is the most widely used gas used in industry and hence there a many possible applications for MVR technology. The industries that we have identified as being ideal for our compressor are:

Pulp and Paper

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Food and Beverages

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Wastewater Treatment - Sludge Drying

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Please send steam compressor enquiries to  [email protected]